DAWSON CITY, Yukon – A mummified human toe that is the key ingredient in an odd drinking ritual in Dawson City is back where it belongs. Canadians are quite used to the strange and the weird. In this case, a pickled toe was stolen from a Dawson City bar in June, 2017. Days later, the culprit felt guilty about his nefarious deed and chose to return the digit.
RCMP in the Yukon city say the shrivelled, brown toe that was stolen last weekend has been returned to its rightful owner.
The toe, which is used in the Downtown Hotel’s popular “sourtoe cocktail,” had vanished on Saturday after being added to a drink at the hotel bar.
RCMP say they received a call from the alleged thief, who said he had mailed the toe to the hotel.
He also said he had called the hotel to say the toe was on its way and offered a verbal apology.
The package, containing both the toe and a letter of apology, arrived Thursday and was opened by an RCMP officer, who said the toe was believed to be in “good condition.” The RCMP say charges are not expected to be laid.
According to tradition, drinkers must allow the toe to touch their lips in order to join the Sourtoe Cocktail Club.