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So, I had to send in my verification for San Diego Comic Con again today, they’re due every 3 years or so and it took me back to when I did my first verification back in 2013, I had hardly any Producing credits to my name on IMDB, in fact, I don’t think I had any, only a couple of acting credits! I was wide-eyed and bushy-tailed having just arrived in Vancouver and I only knew 1 person who lived there and they weren’t even in the film industry! People thought I was crazy for travelling alone, for following my dream, for going to Vancouver without a plan and without any money, sleeping on people’s couches, in bus stops, vacant apartments, cars and on wooden floors, but I tell them, it’s a lot easier than the alternative.
Lucinda and Canadian Flag.jpg
My first time in Canada
In 2006, I was told that…

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