It was just a regular day for Eclipse and her owner, Jeff Young. They were waiting at the bus stop together to make their usual journey to the local park. One of Eclipse’s favourite things to do is play in the grass with her ball. Jeff was finishing off his cigarette when a bus pulled up at their stop. Eclipse was so excited to get to the park that she simply couldn’t wait any longer. So she did the unthinkable…

Instead of waiting for her owner to finish having a smoke, Eclipse ran straight onto the bus by herself! She left Jeff behind in total shock as he watched the bus drive off with his beautiful labrador on board. Eclipse was pretty content with her decision and rode the bus successfully to the park. She knew exactly which stop to get off at and simply couldn’t wait to get there. Meanwhile, Jeff was left worrying at the bus stop.

Even though the situation scared Jeff, he soon realised that Eclipse was clever enough to get the bus to the park on her own. He finished off his cigarette and planned to catch up with his pet later. Locals soon caught on to what Eclipse had done, and before she knew it the black labrador was a local superstar! She would brighten up everyone’s daily commute as she sat patiently on the bus.

Eclipse causes no trouble to her fellow passengers and sits patiently on her seat until she spots the park outside the window. In fact, she is adored by all her passengers and has even made friends since the start of her solo adventures. She may be a local celebrity but she doesn’t get on the bus for free. She rides with the a bus pass attached to her collar so she doesn’t cheat the system

Her fame has now transferred to Facebook with her now having over 15,000 followers on her page!