Have you ever heard of Parasitic Architecture? This is an example, as it makes use of existing structures such as a bridge’s beams and rails to create an apartment.

Sometimes, the abundance of rules and regulations in society causes one to feel as if they are suffocating. It is because of this that humans need to embrace their creative sides and break free from constrictions — at the very minimum, even just now and again. An individual who has done just this in a very unique way is self-taught designer Fernando Abellanas.

Underneath an anonymous bridge in Valencia, Spain, Abellanas built a novel shelter that includes shelving, seating and even a sleeping space. The designer was inspired to create the abode after recollecting upon experiences in childhood that seemed “magical.” He remembered building forts and hiding underneath the kitchen table cloth, and wanted to recreate that sense of playfulness and freedom in a location thousands pass by every day but give little attention to. Because of its purpose, the shelter is more of an art installation than a long-term abode.

“My work as a designer consists [of] trying to implement the concerns relating to design, handicrafts and architecture which I come across on a daily basis,” said Abellanas. “I observe, research and develop projects, in a self-taught way, with the only purpose of satisfying my own personal motivation. With the experience, I acquired during years of work I collaborate with artists, interior designers, and architects offering them design and manufacturing solutions. All this I do under the name of Lebrel.”

A possible new home for the poor? What do you think?