Why Big Butts Are Not Necessarily A Bad Thing – One of the greatest problems most women face is constantly trying, and failing, to get their bodies into a healthier and fitter state.

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Studies have shown that around 1 of 3 North American women are now overweight. Although living an unhealthy lifestyle and increasing the pounds on a day-to-day basis is harmful, scientists explain that not all weight can be considered as a real problem. The question is, do people with weight problems really have a problem?

The answer lies in where you carry the extra fat. To be beneficial, a pear-shaped body is much healthier than possessing an apple-shaped body, say most of the experts in this field.

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In 2010 experts from the Churchill Hospital in the UK and professors at the University of Oxford implemented a research study which gave results showing that having a little more pounds may have a beneficial side. The research involved 16,000 women and showed a significant connection between the little extra weight in the area of their butt and their tremendously intelligent progeny.

The extra fat tissue is located in the lower area of the body, or more precisely. the area around the butt. Although most women with larger back-sides see it as an irritant, a larger butt is also associated with a great number of positive health bonuses, such as restricted diabetes risk, reduced risk of heart disease, and a great number of other diseases.



Regarding the benefits of the extra weight and fat, researchers point to another interesting fact that is statistically noted – smarter children are born by women that have larger butts.

Women who possess wider hips transfer that fat into their breast milk. This breast milk, rich with fat content, is considered as a really healthy source of nutrition for the babies during their early development, which leads to better brain development. This means that these children will become intellectually more superior compared with the other children of their age.


Next time when you find yourself in front of a mirror complaining that you have a big butt, remind yourself that you are much healthier than other people with less fat on their bodies.

This may also be why men are obsessed with women’s butts. It’s an evolutionary trait to choose the best partner for reproduction.