Editor’s Note: I believe in climate change. There is far too much evidence that human activity is creating the warming of the planet. I also accept that the Elders are experiencing a change in the planet. Global warming could be caused by either event or a combination of the two. However, as to whether the warming of our world is caused by human activity or by the change in the Earth is a matter for debate at another time.

Inuit Elders warn that the Earth has shifted. They are warning that the climate change is not caused by global warming but as a consequence of the slight shifting of the Earth.

The Inuits live in the Arctic regions of Greenland, the United States and Canada. These people are incredible weather forecasters, just like their ancestors. Namely, these people issued a warning to NASA that the earthquakes and the change in climate are not caused by global warming. These people claim that the Earth has “wobbled” or shifted and that their sky is changed.


The elders claim that the sun does not rise from the same position as before. Moreover, the day is longer and the sun is positioned much higher than before. Also, the weather gets warmer very fast. This was also corroborated by other elders, who said that they had noticed the same changes.

Additionally, they claim that the position of the stars, moon and sun has changed, thus leading to temperature changes. To add, this has had an effect on the wind, thus making it difficult to predict the weather nowadays, which is very important.

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This claim that the Earth has tilted towards, wobbled or shifted towards the North has been confirmed by all the elders. Also, NASA scientists are very concerned after they received the warning from the Inuit Elders.

The Inuits are indigenous people that inhabit the arctic regions of Canada, the United States and Greenland and throughout history their very lives have been dependent on being able to correctly forecast weather…. and they are warning NASA and the world that global warming isn’t the cause of what we are seeing with extreme weather, earthquakes and other events.