If you’re often traveling on a country road, there’s a pretty good chance you’ve encountered some wild deer before. Normally, it’s best to leave these wild animals alone, but when this logger saw two adorable and small baby deer in the middle of the road, he decided to try and get them to a safer position.

The two fawns were silently sitting on the road, and their mom was nowhere to be seen. She was most likely looking around for food to bring to her fawns, and the two baby deer were simply waiting and enjoying the good weather.

When a logger appeared and spotted these two animals, he noticed that they could potentially be run over by a vehicle if the driver wasn’t careful.

These two deer were a little bit apart from each other, sitting on the gravel road. It appeared that the two cute animals were somewhat exhausted and weren’t in any hurry to move.

Because they were babies, they probably didn’t have a developed sense of fear yet. Deer would normally try to avoid interaction with humans, but these two young ones were very friendly and the logger managed to get very close.

In fact, after a little while, the logger is approached by one of the two fawn siblings.

A little bit into the footage, you can see that the fawn is trying to lick the logger’s legs and it’s just too sweet.

“Oh my god, they’re coming right to me,” the man says enthusiastically. “No, I’m not who you think I am.” he added.

Their interaction is incredibly adorable, and one of the two baby deer follows the logger around, wherever he goes. After a couple of laughs and a ton of fun, the logger then tries to redirect both fawns near some bushes at the side of the road, completely out of harm’s way and closer to the forest.

It’s possible that these two fawns thought that they were in a relatively safe location until their mom returned to come get them, but it’s clear that the side of the road isn’t exactly an ideal spot.

Normally, wild baby deer should be left alone in an encounter, but the logger did the right thing.

According to the VBSPCA Wildlife Program, baby deer who have settled in a rather dangerous location (such as the road here) should be moved somewhere safer. It’s important to only move the baby deer a couple of feet away and in direct eyesight so that the mother wouldn’t have any issues finding her babies back.

In order to prevent the baby deer from following you around after you’ve put them somewhere safe, a tap on top of its head or at the back will make it stay there.