A woman in Cornwall, Ontario went for a bit of an accidental joy ride after confusing another man’s car for her rental.

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According to police in Cornwall, the mixup was only discovered after the woman tried to return the car, which had been reported stolen, to the rental company she had got the original car from.

Police say the woman initially rented a black sedan from Enterprise in Cornwall in June.

She then made her way to the local Walmart to do some shopping. After shopping, she hopped in a car she thought was hers, started it up and drove away. Unfortunately, instead of her car, she had gotten into another black car.

Police say that both of these cars use key fobs to unlock and start the car. The owner of the vehicle she drove away in had left his fob in the car.

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The woman drove the car around for two weeks, then tried to return it to the rental car company, police say. The manager of the car rental agency then realized what happened as the man whose car had been stolen had come into the same Enterprise to rent a replacement.

The woman was then brought to the Walmart parking lot, where the car she had actually rented was still parked. The manager then called the police.

The man, who had reported his car stolen, had his vehicle returned to him. No charges were filed.

Police are advising drivers who have cars that use fobs to not leave them in the car as this makes them much easier to steal, even if it is accidentally.